Make The Chicken Year Great Again!



This great Chinese New  Year of 2017 begins with another trivial debate on gender, starting with the pressing issue on weather the year belongs to the chicken or the rooster. According to one Chinese Horoscope calendar, the year belongs to the Female Fire Chicken. So drop down all your anti-fowl banners and molotovs, let the chicken do its job. But the real question remains largely unanswered, what sort of world will this tender meat create? How are we to live in the presence of constant pecking and egging? Can we really have peace or is it just another one  of their political gimmicks?

Gender discrimination is as old as the Great Walls of China. But the system still discriminates female workforce all over the world. China is no fresh meat in this hawker stall, but the real trouble is not why they discriminate, but rather they are born into it. It is a real struggle for Asian woman to succeed in career, family and life because the system is designed that way. Even today, men remains a leader-role of the family and they do nothing that will be seen lesser than that confused-of-a-dictatorship position. Now that China eases her One-Child policy, its only going to get worst for the future of educated womanhood.



Laying eggs along South China Sea

As depressing as the chicken-looking China map appears, soon it will lay eggs all over South China Sea, they probably misunderstood the actual meaning of the word too. You must be a clown to assume whoever holds anything that was made from China to become your cultural ambassador. This attitude of mankind has become a disease, discovering an island and sticking a flag on it. My point is, war is imminent when large nations picking over each other’s flags.

This year, our biggest fear of a totalitarian government on both corners of the world shakes up. The recent hysterical selling of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ serves as a wake-up call of that fear as President-elect Trump warms his seat at the White House, fabricating truth and force-feed lies to the world in a major political attempt to rule the country by his terms. The recent meet between him and Prime Minister Theresa May could be mistaken for a Shakespearean act, critics are quick to hint a misogynistic version Romeo & Juliet.



Several eggs trapped under several baskets

But patience is growing thin elsewhere in Asia, the fear that the young and ‘cooping’ economy will not be ready to face another slaughterhouse session this soon. While the world is gearing for a new year with new hopes and dreams, a small downfall in the banking sector, or market crash, will slither the hen before it could finish laying its eggs. This sense of stability matters irregardless where you put your eggs in which basket, a totalitarian economy will crush it like a steamroller, leaving nothing for your next generation, like reruns of the Greek banking crisis.

But lets reason with whatever we have today. The Chinese will go hard on America, and Trump wont even finch as he will strong-arm China anytime of the day. While these two nation bickers about, Russia will organize the ‘Cockpit’ and will no doubt assumes the judging process too. These events will bring cold-war to the chiller, as spectator sport takes over international affairs in the history of politics, replacing Olympic medals with stars and stripes.



Fight to the bitter ‘hen’.

It doesn’t matter which cock wins, the losers will always be those who have their bets on these fowls. This is why we couldn’t forget the children of Syria, they remind us of how fast the tables will turn. The children of Rohingya, Africa and the millions of suffering children all over the world, depriving their rights to live a peaceful and harmonious life. Can we talk about peace this year or shall we postpone it to whenever deemed necessary.

If making America great again is to topple everyone else, then the UN, the NATO and ASEAN have to do something about it. But then again, the real question remains at knife point weather these organizations will address the threat before it is blown out of proportion, or await its aftermath to manufacture peace after war so that they could brag about their historic achievements at yet another charity fundraiser to attract more memberships and donations.

Cluck Cluck.


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